Friday, July 20, 2007

You are not going anywhere with that t-shirt on..

It took me a few years until I attended my next game. This time I would take my father in law. Now picture this, my father in law is a wonderful man from Schoharie County (Schoharie is a farming community about one hour west of Catskill). It was my father in law first time in NYC since, well let's just say he was nervous about getting in the subway. We took amtrak from Poughkeesie to Penn Station and from there we took the subway. Now, I figured I ask someone where the nearest subway was. So I pick one of the Taxi officials right outside Penn, the guy looks at me and my met t-shirt and says; you are not going anywhere with that t-shirt on... everyone bursted out laughing......turns out the guy was a NY Yankee fan, what a surprise. Like a true New Yorker though, he put his baseball bias aside and helped us go in the right direction.

Anyway, we get there with a huge smile on our faces. Thinking about the hot dogs, the cold beverages and of course, baseball. We got to see David Wright's first major league hit. Watching Reyes and Wright was such a thrill. It felt like we actually had something solid for years to come.

Despite the Mets loosing to the Expos, we enjoy every bit of the experience. I think my father in law was in heaven. It was a great day for bonding I guess.
Unfortunately, I lost all pictures from this game. But I managed to dig a picture of David's first hit, a double off Zach Day of the Expos.

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