Monday, May 26, 2008

Bla blah blah

He's still with the team... rats!!!

Mr. Wilpon, if it wasn't Shea's last year I would be selling my tickets right now. At least I can now relax, enjoy my summer, because we all know that the Mets are not going anywhere. They'll be lucky if they don't finish the season in last place.

Braves vs. Red Sox in world series.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sheep, Wool and Butterflies..

Ever since last year's wool festival at the dutchess county fair, my beautiful bride has been hooked on wool spinning, knitting and of curse, sheep. Well, this weekend was her birthday and we took a ride to Cummington, MA for the Sheep and Wool Festival and also visited South Deerfield's Magic Wing Butterfly Conservatory ( by the way it's only a mile or two from Yankee Candle Headquarters).

Now, you might be wondering if I have lost my cojones by spending the entire weekend with sheep and butterflies... well, let's see; a) it was my wife's birthday present b) my daughter was looking forward to sheep and butterflies c) the mets suck ...yes, I'll rather spend time with butterflies and sheep than watch the Mets play.
I'm glad I spent the time with my wife, kids, butterflies and sheep... it was worth it, although I found it a bit strange spending time in Red Sox Nation. I saw a lot of people wearing Red Sox gear.. and why not, their team is going all the way this year... thankfully I didn't get any stupid comments on my Mets gear.

Whatever you do don't ever stay at the Travelodge in Pittsfield, MA. It sucks as much as the Mets do.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


You are so fucking pathetic, Willie Randolph. In the midst of everyone wanting to get you fired for not WINNING, you bring up the race card? WTF is wrong with you? You! A NY guy? You! A winner with the Yankees? You! Who didn't get a chance to manage until you came to NY?

Memo to Willie: ALL NY CARES ABOUT IS WINNING. We don't care who's what color, Mr. Randolph. You have slapped NY MET Fans on the face by thinking that we don't like you because of your race?? NO, IT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!

It's time for the Wilpons to step in here. Jeff and Fred need to do something now. The METS will not go anywhere with this manager. Get Bobby V back NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Open Letter to Omar Minaya,

Hi Omar,

Everyone knows the METS suck right now. Yes, I know it's still May but they are playing pathetic baseball. I mean, winning one game from the Nationals is simply unacceptable. I don't know about you Omar, but when I fuck up at work I get reprimanded. The question here is when will Willie be reprimanded? When will Heilman be reprimanded.. you can't keep putting a shitty product on the field and expect your customers to be happy about it. I mean, I'll like to think that the Wilpons are not pleased right now..I bet Fred wants to break and throw things at this point. He has to know that the fact that it's still early and everyone else on the national league east sucks does not give this team the right to brush off the loses like they did the end of last year. I know it's making me and other Met fans I know insane. Do we think Willie has done a bad job overall? Not really. But what is clear that his magic is gone.. every move he makes turns to cow dung. I don't think you want cow dung at Citi Field, do you? It stinks! Trust me, I'm from up state NY.

The solution to the problem? Well.. I don't know what the availability of any of the following managers is but here it goes:

Solution #1 Bobby Valentine
Solution #2 Gary Carter
Solution #3 Buck Showalter

Look, Omar, I'll take any of these guys in a split second. They have fire in them. They know baseball. Willie and Joe Girardi were given their chance in NY... I think is Carter's turn.

The first thing that needs to happen though is the dismissal of Willie-Delgado and Heilman. The season is over for the NY METS, Omar. We will have the pitching.. look at Pelfrey today he was awesome... Pelfrey, Maine, Santana.. this is a nice pitching core. The hitting is very good too... but they are trying too hard and are sucking as a result. Willie just doesn't have the right touch to turn them around. Why didn't he come out and argue with plate umpire after Alou was thrown out? Does he really have his player's back? He might... but it doesn't look like it from where I sit.

Anyway, Omar. I hope you make some more great moves in the future.. you've done a great job bringing in the talent. But you manager hasn't produced. Not your fault.

See you in 2009.


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