Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mets Pledge

After some thinking I've realized how much of a unrealistic shit I've been to my team. There's no doubt they want to win badly, they are human and will fall.. it happens, we just expect you to get right up. I realize that it's only a game.. but it's an important game that we all love. We just want to see you win.. sorry for not being the perfect fans. So here's my pledge to this team..

"I pledge allegiance to the New York Mets, and to its players, coaches and manager. I pledge that I will not boo, but encourage.. will not jeer, but cheer.. will not give up, but always "believe." For our team, our orange and blue, always. Let's Go Mets!" April 27, 2008.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Bobby where art thou

Sometimes I wonder..What could Bobby do with this team.. I can guarantee you that we would of won a penant already.

Look at what he writes on his blog:

(April 12th) We had another Sayonara (game-ending) win last night, what a great game! Omatsu came through in the clutch, with a pinch hit in the 9th inning to drive the winning run. Kakunaka had a great at-bat – then was walked to 1st to lead the inning. He went to 3rd on Hori’s hit and we celebrated on the field. It was a great thing to see! Naruse pitched a near perfect nine innings. He gave up one run on a missed cue by Imae, but he pitched extremely well. It was the best he’s pitched all season. He had great control and threw all of his pitches for strikes, staying ahead in the count. As everyone knows, Zuleta, Fukuura, and Nishioka are all injured, but I really like the way Nemoto and Tanaka Masahiko are playing as they fill in. All are doing a fine job and will hopefully continue to give us power. Thank you!

Oh yes.. I miss Bobby Valentine but I can only dream.

Isiah Randolph really makes me angry. I don't want to see him around in 2009.

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They are back!

Looks like the "good old Mets" are back in perfect form. They are definately first when it comes to loosing. I've keep hearing about how the Mets and the rest of their division is bunched together and it will be a close race by the end of the year. Well, you know what? The Mets should not be bunched together with anyone. they should be running away with the East this year. Are they a perfect team.. of course not.. but they should be the "team to beat" not the team everyone beats. Am I over reacting? Maybe.. what other alternative do I have? I've been a fan since '91 I have nothing to root for with this team. I love the Mets.. but right now they are as sad as a wet dog in the middle of winter. Sad, very sad. What pisses me off even more is that I can't even follow my forgotten soccer team , they even suck nowadays. I have no choice but to concentrate on fishing this year. Maybe I'll get lucky this year like in 2007..

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Calm Down Met Fans...

I've been bitching about the Willie.Delgado.Heilman trio like one of those crazy people walking around nyc with a big sign on their chest.. you know, the one that says It's the end of the world.. only to have been ignored by nearly everyone I talk to about mets baseball. Okay, keep ignoring but you'll see I'm 100% right at the end of the pathetic season we are going to have.
While the fans have booed.. and booed badly, what has this trio, pieces of cow dung, given us to cheer about? Nothing. Other than Johan Santana,who by the way has a higher batting average than Delputo, they have given us nothing.

Everyone is saying that the Met fan over-reacting... why wouldn't we over react?

Let's point out some really good reasons why we shouldn't over react:

1) It's only April (bull shit...)

2) So what if Delgado is hitting .208 and leaving runners on base like crazy (my dead aunt Lola hits better than that)

3) Willie's moves are not idiotic, not sir. (Can you say Isiah Randolph?)

4) Willie's blindness (see #3)

5) It's early in the year (see #1)

6) You can't jump on conclusions on Delgado hitting he'll come out of his 2007-2008 funk (Yeah.. just like I can't predict that gas will hit 4 bucks a's too early in the year to tell..right? by the way gas is $3.75/gal right now)

7) Because we are Met fans and everything that is good in the world of sports happens to us ( what world are you from asshole?)

8) Because after the train wreck of 2008 season Isiah Randolph.Deldone.Heilputo won't be around (well, if that's the case... we are in good shape..I can't wait for 2009 so in the mean time, suck it up met fans)

I don't know what makes me want to vomit more, Willie's inability to recognize that Delgado is done or Dwyane Wade dating Star Jones??? DUDE WTF!!!!

Harold Reynolds joins SNY

Can Harold play 1st base?
Harold was great at Baseball Tonight. He's excellent as an analyst. Great move by SNY.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

41 HR's

I remember watching Todd's 41st HR in 1996. It was a classic... a great memory!

Ya Gotta Believe

One of the very first cards I got. I couldn't have a baseball card collection without it...

Delgado and Monkey ass

Delgado sucks monkey ass!

I'm feeling very loose today.. I think I'm putting Delgado on the ZEROS list... yeah, that's it. He goes to the ZEROS list.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Necessary moves..

I don't know about you but as soon as I saw the line up last night I knew we were going to lose. Why? My first thought was: Castillo is hitting second?? Why?? Willie does it again. I really don't know what the Met record was when Church was hitting second but I know that we were winning... why change it? Castillo, while he's been good defensively and helped us to get Santana, he sucks offensively and should be hitting 8th..

Another issue that has been killing us for the past 2 years is Mr. Delgado... can we please see Mike Carp up here? He can't do any worse than Delgado.. can he?

I also like Joe Benigno and Evan's idea... platoon Alou and Delgado at first and leave Pagan in the outfield.. Great idea. No?

by the way Mike Carp has been tearing it up at the minors: AVG .446 OBP .486 SLG .769

Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Zero

I've had enough of Heilman. He goes to the Zeros list!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Collecting Baseball Cards

A few months ago I started to collect baseball cards. I'll be posting some of these cards to share with you.. there are some favorites and some not so favorites but worth having. Most of them are of former and current Mets players but I have some that are peculiar and new to me since I've only been following baseball and the Mets since 1992. Soccer was my first love.

I'll start with my favorite card yet. A Topps 2004 Cracker Jack-Mike Piazza baseball card. The curious thing about the card is that the description reads "MIKE PIAZZA, New York Nationals" It's a classic.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Boo Birds, Anxiety and 2007

Ever since the season started all I've heard from the media has been how the Mets and their fans can't get 2007 out of their heads.

Attention media:

I don't know what fans you are talking about but as soon as the Mets signed Santana 2007 was like 1987 for me. I wasn't even in the US in 1987 that's how much I remember 2007. Okay?

Stop bringing up.. all the frigging know it all personalities (mike fatboy francesa and the other freaks at WFAN and SNY for that matter) seem to bring it up all the time. The fact is that we, the fans, are pissed off right now because our team is better than what is showing to be on the field. Is 2 or 3 games over .500 too much to ask? Come on, man! Everyone I talk to keeps telling me it's been 10, 11 games. Well, you know what ? That's not acceptable! A team with Santana, Reyes, DWright, Delgado, Beltran.. come on!! Who else do you need on this team to make it happen? Stop worrying so much about what the media and your fans think and go out there and play real baseball. Show us you can win .. and maybe there will be no boos. Is it too much to ask? NO! You are more than capable.. but you seem tentative and you look like you don't want to be there. Throw strikes and get hits (specially with bases loaded) come on, guys! You are better than this! As far as booing Santana goes.. well, if you did that at the game, you are an idiot!

Do I still feel the same about Willie, Delgado and Heilman? Yes... they should all be gone. We will regret not firing Willie this year. I find it very interesting that he gets on a pitcher that didn't give up a hit until yesterday's game and not on the players he should get on! Heilman? Hello??!! Be fair Willie, be fair!
Go get 'em boys!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

They have to go




Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I can't stand it anymore. I don't wanna hear any excuses about this met team anymore. Enough is enough. These guys have no fire in them... they are flat. They remind me of a fizzled out coca cola. What is it going to take to beat this @(*&*$&% Phillie team? I can understand the Braves, don't ask me why, but I do understand not being able to beat the Braves.. oh, maybe because they own us. But the fucking Phillies? Come on guys.. let's go already. You know, this past two years I've been buying a lot more collectables than ever... and it's going to stop. QUICKLY! Why spend my money on a loser team like the Mets? I'm sick of it.. You don't wanna be booed? Okay.. show us something then.

I could swear that I had blogged about firing Willie in 2007.. but to my surprise, I didn't. So i'll say it right now. FIRE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's get a manager who can put some fire into this fucking team.

Allright let me do this:

1 Fire Willie

2 Get rid of Delgado

3 Heilman needs to go !!!!!!!!!!!

4 *willie's on the fan/yes tv and I'm giving him the finger*

5 Get rid of El Duque

6 Fuck!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's April Fools day...

So I'm watching the game and .. well, there it was... another fucked up injury to our main man.. one of them anyway. But wait a second.. it's April Fools Day right? right? .. hello? I'm waiting for the Mets to announce that they are messing with our heads and that this was all Pedro's idea. That Pedro is something else. Come on Pedro cut it out.. Hello? Come on guys, this is not funny.. Willie? Omar? Anyone? Guys? ..... oh shit!