Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sheep, Wool and Butterflies..

Ever since last year's wool festival at the dutchess county fair, my beautiful bride has been hooked on wool spinning, knitting and of curse, sheep. Well, this weekend was her birthday and we took a ride to Cummington, MA for the Sheep and Wool Festival and also visited South Deerfield's Magic Wing Butterfly Conservatory ( by the way it's only a mile or two from Yankee Candle Headquarters).

Now, you might be wondering if I have lost my cojones by spending the entire weekend with sheep and butterflies... well, let's see; a) it was my wife's birthday present b) my daughter was looking forward to sheep and butterflies c) the mets suck ...yes, I'll rather spend time with butterflies and sheep than watch the Mets play.
I'm glad I spent the time with my wife, kids, butterflies and sheep... it was worth it, although I found it a bit strange spending time in Red Sox Nation. I saw a lot of people wearing Red Sox gear.. and why not, their team is going all the way this year... thankfully I didn't get any stupid comments on my Mets gear.

Whatever you do don't ever stay at the Travelodge in Pittsfield, MA. It sucks as much as the Mets do.


Lynn Katz said...

Give a specific as to why the Travelodge in Pittsfield, MA is not high on your list.

Also - the Red Sox are going all the way??? A former New Englander now living in Northeast Ohio - Cleveland.

upstate met fan said...


Trash cans were not emptied, the lobby had a funky smell to it, the aesthetics of the place were just horrible...and yes, I think the Red Sox will go to the world series.