Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yankee Fans suck.. even in Bethesda, Md

During a recent business trip to Washington DC, my buddies and I went out for a night of Fun in Bethesda, Md. This was the first time I was involved in bar hopping so it was exciting and new to me. One of the joints we stumbled upon was playing Salsa music. Salsa to me is as essential as breathing so you can understand how wiry I was as soon as I got there. Encouraged by my buddies I asked a couple of girls to dance and of them replied: I don't dance with Met turned out they were Yankee Fans ---it's amazing how my t-shirt has a power over people were they just say nasty things about the Mets--- I knew at that moment that I had to get on the dance floor and do it quickly to show the two cold hearted females what they were missing. Right away we met up with a birthday girl and her friends from another bar and got her to dance... as I'm dacing
one of the yankee fans looks at me and I just pointed at my Mets t-shirt. Sticking it to the Met Haters was one of the highlights of the night. Take that!

I learned two things that night:
1) I can still dance a mean Salsa (my back is killing me)
2) Yankee Fans suck in Bethesda too.

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