Saturday, February 21, 2009

The feeling is mutual

After listening to Fatso and the Dog for many years I constatly wished that they would just go away. I got half of the wish sometime ago when the odd looking dog left for satellite radio. If only the other half of the wish would just come true.

I really do not understand what the NY METS were thinking when they renewed the contract with the FAN.. I mean, the abuse they constantly take from Mike Francesa is just unreal..... He's always right, he knows the law, he has friends all over, he's a Yankee spokesman, shits on the Mets every chance he gets, the fans are imbecils, he does no wrong...

Sometimes I wish I could just slap the shit out of this guy. The "almighty" Mike Francesa... I hope you don't drop from a heart attack, Jabba. That would be, how do you say, dissapointing!

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