Sunday, September 30, 2007

Escaping The Mets

So for the past few years my family has been trying to get to the Garlic Festival. Today was it. I had to make a decision; watch the dreadful Mets or indulge myself in everything garlic. Hmmm?

I was having lovely day with the family and seeing some friends along the way, just a wonderful time really. I made one mistake though. I wore my NYM t-shirt. By 1:30pm a nice gentleman got next to me, he was making nervous, and says "they are loosing 4-0 buddy" I had no choice, but to thank the guy. But I really wanted to punch him in the head.

After this episode I put on my Newport RI sweatshirt to avoid more grief.

After a little while we go over to a booth to check out some goods and I over hear the vendor say to a Yankee fan:

Vendor: so the mets are gonna make it today?
Yankee Fan: I hope not
V: Oh come on, we have to root for NY teams, right?
YF: Not really.
The vendor shoulda known better. It was obvious he wasn't from NY. I wanted to punch him in the head.
As we make our way out of the festival into the parking area, another "nice" gentleman pops out of his van window as he drives by and says:

Hey man, they are loosing 7-1. I acknowledge the guy with nod. I wanted to punch him in the head also.

So as you can see, I had a wonderful day at the Garlic Festival. Oh yeah, the food was excellent. I recommend you go to it next year. Just don't wear your NYM t-shirt if they are playing their last game of the season.

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Rickey Henderson said...

You definitely made the right choice not watching. Some of us foolishly were optimistic after Saturday's game...

Yep, those are your typical classy Yankee fans for you. And at a garlic festival no less. Have these people no shame?