Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Next year..

See, the messed up thing about not following other sports, other than baseball, is that when your team sucks and can't win an important game, you are relegated to watch old movies, cartoons or your generic shows, you know, Law and Order and such. I used to follow the Giants and Knicks. The last time I watched the Giants play I was still in college, that was in 1997.. and before that, Starks was still with the Knicks.. I watch people turned their heads and kinda forget about their baseball team when they are going bad. They just shift their attention to their football team. I can't do that. I can't listen to the "FAN". I can't watch ESPN or SNY. I just search for other entertainment on TV or just rely on the web.

Met fans know that if there's something good happenning murphy's law says that it won't last long and it will go downhill quickly, kinda like what the Mets are doing now, then do better then do shitty again. There's no consistency. That makes it worse I think. They keep you guessing.

I stopped watching the games almost three weeks ago. You know, when they got swept in Philly. Am I a bad fan for that? Okay, maybe. But I would be a good fan if my team was better. If they could get an out or a hit at that crucial moment.

You know, this was the first year that I started buying Mets memoribilia. I don't know if I'll stop buying stuff or not. But they are sure making it difficult for me to do so.

For now, I'm done watching and buying, until next year. Maybe.

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