Friday, February 8, 2008

I miss Imus

Am I the only one that thinks the WFAN morning shows blows chunks? I mean, can't we have Chris Carlin or the Schmooze on the AM...? I mean, give me Boomer by himself. I'll take that for godsakes. This Carton guy thinks he's funny and he's not. He tries too hard and he thinks he knows everyone in the world of sports. WTF was Chernoff thinking about? I mean, I know it was a tall order to replace Imus but geez.. This guy simply sucks and is abnoxious to boot....all he talks about is where he's been who he knows and blah blah blah... FUCK!!!!! it ruins my morning commute. I'll rather listen to the annoying ESPN idiots!
I swear Boomer is gonna bitch slap him one of these days.

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