Friday, February 29, 2008

The Season's Over

So, it's 2pm and at work and I'm thinking about Santana's debut. I get on the super secured computer at work and check out the score risking a reprimand from my superiors for checking out yahoo sports instead of work related stuff.

I see Cardinals 3 Mets 0... and it's only the first inning. WTF!!

I have one word ... trade Santana! okay, okay, it's too early to commit suicide. But it was

surprising to see Juan Gonzales hit a HR off Santana. Leave it to the f_ _ _ _ _ _ Cardinals to find freaks like Gonzales. I mean, the guy is like 58 years old, right? Right??? ..okay, so is El Duque. I just hope Gonzales fizzles so he doesn't come to haunt us late in the season.

Now, for some funky ass met hair!

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