Sunday, March 9, 2008

walking into the death star

Ever since my voluntary reassignment I've been looking for a barber closer to home. Donning my Mets jacket, Mets hat, and watch.. I got in the car and started looking for one. I found one right on main st, of course. I parked the vehicle, walked into the establishment and I'm greeted with a loud "ohhhhh look at this guy, he's a Met fan". Right in front of me was Derek Jeter, a fathead Derek Jeter. I was very nervous..I felt like I had just walked into the Death Star in nothing but my mets underwear. Yes, I have those.

So the first thing I said was; hey I bleed red too (I wasn't walking out of there without a haircut..I needed it..bad!!) The guy that seemed to be the loudest was the owner.. The Mario Batalli look alike. I purposely let other people go in front of me so he wouldn't fuck up my hair.

The less assuming barber waves me over and I ask him if he too was a Yankee fan. He said, it depends on the tip. I knew I could work with this guy. Money talks right? Well, after a few laughs, the nerves disappeared and I knew I had found my new barber. I no longer felt like a caveman. I can't believe what I put my self through for a haircut....I don't even want to think what's going to happen when I go back in two weeks.

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Rickey Henderson said...

You were indeed a pilgrim in an unholy land. Rickey strongly recommends finding a met-friendly hair cuttery.