Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's April Fools day...

So I'm watching the game and .. well, there it was... another fucked up injury to our main man.. one of them anyway. But wait a second.. it's April Fools Day right? right? .. hello? I'm waiting for the Mets to announce that they are messing with our heads and that this was all Pedro's idea. That Pedro is something else. Come on Pedro cut it out.. Hello? Come on guys, this is not funny.. Willie? Omar? Anyone? Guys? ..... oh shit!

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Rickey Henderson said...

If only it were a joke... but look on the bright side, Petey's presence last season was minimal at best, and this should give us all a chance to get familiarized with this Nelson Figeruoa fellow.

The most tragic part of all this? In no way will Pedro's injury deter Omar from signing him to a 2 year contract extension.