Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hot Stuff

....and we are back with Chef Munoz. :-)
My uncle gave me some beautiful, bright, fresh hot cherry peppers from his garden. My first thought was ceviche which I had made before and posted some pictures of it. However, cherry peppers are also good with cheese and cured meats so I decided make Stuffed Hot Cherry Peppers.

Prosciutto thinly sliced

Provolone cut in 1/4 in cubes (depending on size of peppers)

Hard Salami or other type sausage thinly sliced

Sweet or Hot Cherry Peppers
Olive Oil

White Vinegar

Clean the inside of the peppers. Make sure you get all the veins out including the seeds. Wash the peppers and DO NOT TOUCH your face, eyes, etc...
Then place a cude of provolone on a slice of Salami or Prosciutto and stuff the pepper. Once you have enough, pour white vinegar, oil and any other fresh herbs in a pickle jar and you can start filling the jar with your stuffed peppers.

Pickle time anywhere from 2-3 wks.


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