Sunday, September 14, 2008

One last stroll...

I spent 2 hours this morning trying to find someone to go with me to the game. I would of loved to take my wife but we didn't have a babysitter so she gladly kick me out of the house to see old Shea one last time.

I started calling and texting about 10 friends but they were all working or doing something else today. Finally a buddy came through and we took off for single admission doubleheader. It was so nice to get that first beer in after a long ass ride from the Catskills.

By the end of the second game I was shocked that so many people had left... very dissapointing. I mean, I know the bullpen fucked up the first game but come on... this is Shea's last few games.. where the hell are you people going to? Jose Reyes Home Run

Anyway.. I was happy to see Santana and Jon Niese tonite. The bullpen lost another one to Santana. I really hope Minaya does something spectacular to fix our bullpen next year and I hope to see more of Jon Niese. He was very good.
Upper Section 20 Row P Seat 11

I took my last stroll at Shea. Shea wasn't the best fan friedly stadium but I will miss it. Good bye old friend!

But... I'm so looking forward to CitiField :-)

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