Sunday, September 28, 2008

RIP Shea and 2008 Season

Before the Mets fired Willie they were DONE. The fact that Jerry brought them all the way to the last day, it's truly amazing. Considering the many injuries and the mess of a bullpen, Jerry did a very good job and should be back. It proves, one more time, that pitching wins games.

Saying goodbye Shea eased the pain of defeat. I mean, seeing all these great Mets back a Shea was just awesome. I mean Doctor K and Willie Mays and Mike Piazza? Seaver throwing to Piazza... WOW Very nice!

I'm so freakin' excited about CitiField!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wilpons need to make D Wright the captain in 2009 and retire 31 and 17 and change the loser culture by getting rid of Delgado.

Who should not be at CitiField next year:

Schoneweis (blows)

Castillo (can't hit can't run)

Delgado (Nice Sept run but it's over)

Heilman (trade him to the AL)

Perez (wacko)

Pedro Martinez (done)

O. Hernandez

M. Alou

Pedro Feliciano

and some questions for next year's team:

The rotation:

Santana (stud)
Maine (no hitter)
Pelfrey (no hitter)
______ ?


Joe Smith
Bobby Parnell
B. Stokes
_____ ?
_____ ?


_____ ? F. Rodriguez?

Position players:

SS Reyes
3B David
1B ____ ? Murphy? Carp?
2B Murphy
LF ____ ? F. Martinez!!!
RF Church
CF Beltran


E. Chavez
A. Reyes
D. Easley
F. Tatis
A. Pagan
_____ ?

Closers available via free agent market:

ClosersBrian Fuentes (33)
Eric Gagne (33)
Eddie Guardado (38)
Trevor Hoffman (41)
Jason Isringhausen (36)
Todd Jones (41) -Retired-
Brandon Lyon (29)
Francisco Rodriguez (27)
Salomon Torres (37) - $3.75MM club option for '09 with a $0.3MM buyout
Kerry Wood (32)

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