Monday, April 14, 2008

Boo Birds, Anxiety and 2007

Ever since the season started all I've heard from the media has been how the Mets and their fans can't get 2007 out of their heads.

Attention media:

I don't know what fans you are talking about but as soon as the Mets signed Santana 2007 was like 1987 for me. I wasn't even in the US in 1987 that's how much I remember 2007. Okay?

Stop bringing up.. all the frigging know it all personalities (mike fatboy francesa and the other freaks at WFAN and SNY for that matter) seem to bring it up all the time. The fact is that we, the fans, are pissed off right now because our team is better than what is showing to be on the field. Is 2 or 3 games over .500 too much to ask? Come on, man! Everyone I talk to keeps telling me it's been 10, 11 games. Well, you know what ? That's not acceptable! A team with Santana, Reyes, DWright, Delgado, Beltran.. come on!! Who else do you need on this team to make it happen? Stop worrying so much about what the media and your fans think and go out there and play real baseball. Show us you can win .. and maybe there will be no boos. Is it too much to ask? NO! You are more than capable.. but you seem tentative and you look like you don't want to be there. Throw strikes and get hits (specially with bases loaded) come on, guys! You are better than this! As far as booing Santana goes.. well, if you did that at the game, you are an idiot!

Do I still feel the same about Willie, Delgado and Heilman? Yes... they should all be gone. We will regret not firing Willie this year. I find it very interesting that he gets on a pitcher that didn't give up a hit until yesterday's game and not on the players he should get on! Heilman? Hello??!! Be fair Willie, be fair!
Go get 'em boys!!

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