Thursday, April 24, 2008

Calm Down Met Fans...

I've been bitching about the Willie.Delgado.Heilman trio like one of those crazy people walking around nyc with a big sign on their chest.. you know, the one that says It's the end of the world.. only to have been ignored by nearly everyone I talk to about mets baseball. Okay, keep ignoring but you'll see I'm 100% right at the end of the pathetic season we are going to have.
While the fans have booed.. and booed badly, what has this trio, pieces of cow dung, given us to cheer about? Nothing. Other than Johan Santana,who by the way has a higher batting average than Delputo, they have given us nothing.

Everyone is saying that the Met fan over-reacting... why wouldn't we over react?

Let's point out some really good reasons why we shouldn't over react:

1) It's only April (bull shit...)

2) So what if Delgado is hitting .208 and leaving runners on base like crazy (my dead aunt Lola hits better than that)

3) Willie's moves are not idiotic, not sir. (Can you say Isiah Randolph?)

4) Willie's blindness (see #3)

5) It's early in the year (see #1)

6) You can't jump on conclusions on Delgado hitting he'll come out of his 2007-2008 funk (Yeah.. just like I can't predict that gas will hit 4 bucks a's too early in the year to tell..right? by the way gas is $3.75/gal right now)

7) Because we are Met fans and everything that is good in the world of sports happens to us ( what world are you from asshole?)

8) Because after the train wreck of 2008 season Isiah Randolph.Deldone.Heilputo won't be around (well, if that's the case... we are in good shape..I can't wait for 2009 so in the mean time, suck it up met fans)

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