Monday, April 21, 2008

Necessary moves..

I don't know about you but as soon as I saw the line up last night I knew we were going to lose. Why? My first thought was: Castillo is hitting second?? Why?? Willie does it again. I really don't know what the Met record was when Church was hitting second but I know that we were winning... why change it? Castillo, while he's been good defensively and helped us to get Santana, he sucks offensively and should be hitting 8th..

Another issue that has been killing us for the past 2 years is Mr. Delgado... can we please see Mike Carp up here? He can't do any worse than Delgado.. can he?

I also like Joe Benigno and Evan's idea... platoon Alou and Delgado at first and leave Pagan in the outfield.. Great idea. No?

by the way Mike Carp has been tearing it up at the minors: AVG .446 OBP .486 SLG .769

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